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What is the pre-show?

Do all nominees have to perform at the pre-show?

Where is the pre-show held?

What time does the pre-show start?

What time should my group arrive for the pre-show?

Where will the Music Awards Ceremony be held?

What time should we arrive for registration?

What time should my group arrive for the red carpet?

How many people will I be able to bring for free?

Will we have assigned seats?

Can my family and friends get discounts on tickets?

If my group have CD's can we sell them at the show?

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Nominee Product Sales

We are proud to announce that on this year all nominees who have product such as; CD's, DVD's, photos, etc...will be able to sale these products during the show this year.

NOTE: there is a $15.00 per table fee.

This fee will cover 1 sales person. If you have more than 1 person selling product, each additional person working MUST purchase a $10 vendor pass which also gives them access to the show.

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